Recruitment Company moves Forwrd into the Philippines

The frontier of hiring, better known as Forwrd, has just confirmed their latest milestone - being an official entity within the Philippines. 

As a company that puts people first, Forwrd’s teams are all 100% remote and therefore are located all across the globe. A large proportion of this team, including their COO, is in the Philippines. The huge underlying benefits for this two year-long process include more permanent contracts for their beloved employees and even further opportunities for the development of the business itself.

It actually costs us more as a business, but means we can offer our employees in ph benefits like healthcare

With such news, it can only be a step forward (pardon the pun) for the business. All the more so for their healthcare ventures as Forwrd is also a verified and approved international recruiter that meets the UK Code of Practice as set out by NHS Employers.

Whilst it may seem like a standard process, the necessity for such a strategic step will allow Forwrd to continue their developments and keep rising to the top of the recruitment industry. Better yet, it will enable an increase in staff migrations and internal manpower - a benefit for any company!

With this positivity, it only inspires Forwrd CEO, Antonio Giugno, to begin plans for the next business proclamations which include entity recognition within Columbia. So whilst Asia is well underway, we can wait and see how South America will benefit this ever-growing company.

As Antonio states “This is an amazing step forward for us, we are now officially an international organisation with entities spanning two continents but what's really important is it means we can provide our loyal Filipino staff with the best benefits and free healthcare.” all of which certainly proves that 2022 is the year to strive and move … forwrd!

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Forwrd is an international business that works with companies across the globe to solve their recruitment concerns. From diversifying workforces to full-service RPO solutions and even creative recruitment campaigns, they do it all. 


Antonio Giugno | Forwrd CEO



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