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Project Info

Infosys face a serious challenge in the US, where they have been forced to pivot from a global delivery model to a model of localized hiring. This shift is problematic because of limited prior investment in a US-bespoke employer brand, intense competition for US tech talent, and the tech skills shortage in the region (627,000 US tech jobs are currently unfilled).







  • Media Buying
  • Full RPO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Campaign Website
  • Community Creation
  • Concept & Narrative
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing

The Marketing

In-depth research and strategic consultation resulted in an evergreen digital hiring campaign leveraging a range of carefully selected activations, from a role-bespoke landing page and job pack to Instagram/Facebook adverts and a hacked Github repository.

The Hiring

We owned the hiring process and worked with Infosys teams to deliver an excellent candidate experience that converted into a high volume of hires.

The Events

From a full stack programmer networking event to a ‘fix our social media feeds’ hackathon, we helped Infosys engage developers with topics that both Infosys and its dream candidates cared about.

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